Documentation on the T16_2003 Libraries

    Released: 2003-07-25

    T16_2003 is a continuous-energy neutron data library compatible with MCNP versions 4C and later. It is based on the 2003 evaluations from the Nuclear Physics group T16 at LANL and includes data for 15 target isotopes. Data are provided for

    • 3H,

    • 232-241U,

    • 237Np,

    • 239Pu,

    • 241Am, and 243Am.

    H-31003.69c293.6 K
    U-23292232.67c77 K
    U-23292232.69c293.6 K
    U-23292232.68c3000 K
    U-23392233.67c77 K
    U-23392233.69c293.6 K
    U-23392233.68c3000 K
    U-23492234.67c77 K
    U-23492234.69c293.6 K
    U-23492234.68c3000 K
    U-23592235.67c77 K
    U-23592235.69c293.6 K
    U-23592235.68c3000 K
    U-23692236.67c77 K
    U-23692236.69c293.6 K
    U-23692236.68c3000 K
    U-23792237.67c77 K
    U-23792237.69c293.6 K
    U-23792237.68c3000 K
    U-23892238.67c77 K
    U-23892238.69c293.6 K
    U-23892238.68c3000 K
    U-23992239.67c77 K
    U-23992239.69c293.6 K
    U-23992239.68c3000 K
    U-24092240.67c77 K
    U-24092240.69c293.6 K
    U-24092240.68c3000 K
    U-24192241.67c77 K
    U-24192241.69c293.6 K
    U-24192241.68c3000 K
    NP-23793237.69c293.6 K
    Pu-23934239.67c77 K
    Pu-23934239.69c293.6 K
    Pu-23934239.68c3000 K
    Am-24195241.69c293.6 K
    Am-24195241.68c3000 K
    Am-24395243.69c293.6 K
    Am-24395243.68c3000 K

    Room-temperature tables have been created for each of the 15 isotopes (ZAID endings of .69c), tables at 3000 K have been created for each isotope except 3H and 237Np (ZAID endings of .68c), and 77 K tables have been created for 235U, 238U, and 239Pu (ZAID endings of .67c).


    1. "MCNP Neutron Library T16-2003," Little, R.C, (2004), LA-UR-04-4520


    T16_2003 can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • (sha512 862254ee10cd2d4d71e7d42d57843af81902a035aeb40f6fb1d447c48558ae6e63bfbdc26a0dd4c1cc46555426ad51e611d32c7f922c4793ee7aaf98cb5f71b3)
    • t16_2003.tgz (sha512 b1b9fa8394b94af065b34d4e54ddb828f0d78b717b2fe42fabea6fa9b455407d940869eb8d9a9e4b2fc6dd8b612466fbcda9abb7e806c759cb19ab383f35f8e3)

    If further information is required contact a member of the Data Team by e-mail at