The ENDF71SaB Library

    Released: 2014-12-31

    ENDF71SAB is a discrete energy and angle thermal scattering data library based on evaluated data from ENDF/B-VII.1. This new library contains all the same materials as the previous S(α,β) library, ENDF70SAB, as well as the latest thermal scattering evaluation addition to ENDF/B-VII.1, sio2 (SiO2). Other data are included for Al27, benz (H1, C, C12 in benzene), Be (Be9), be/o (Be9 in BeO), o/be (O16, O17, O18 in BeO), lwtr (H1 in H20), hwtr (H2 in D20), grph (C, C12 in graphite), Fe56, poly (H1 in polyethelene), h/zr (H1 in ZrH), zr/h (Zr90, Zr91, Zr92, Zr93, Zr94, Zr95, Zr96 in ZrH), u/o2 (U238 in UO2), o2/u (O16, O17, O18 in UO2), lmeth (H1 in liquid methane), smeth (H1 in solid methane), hpara (H1 in parahydrogen), dpara (H2 in parahydrogen), hortho (H1 in orthohydrogen), and dortho (H2 in orthohydrogen). Some of these were released in between ENDF/B-VI and ENDF/B-VII as part of the SAB2002 library as described on the S(α,β) page.


    1. "Release of Continuous Representation for S(α,β) ACE Data," Parsons, D.K., Conlin, J.L., (2015) LA-UR-14-21878

    2. "Correction to h-zr.27t: the H in Zirc Hydride S(α,β) Data at 1200K in the ENDF71SaB Library," Parsons, D.K., (2015), LA-UR-17-20703


    ENDF71SaB can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • endf71sab.tgz (sha512 52452be477c7a554d116dcb2250b7e2b794a1e86148d160ceb020c83dfe217545ff8c59d19d7ff1f124ca76f4979391b086fe6fdbcdd80ac2819cfeea92cbb51)
    • (sha512 187bf64d677893273eb13cd9d09772b58c3995f679461fb1cdc1e43e713fe3bac7caec22ab5da45750dcd91cb2ac438e94853f353009c5a0dcf50c60d32abf65)

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