Electron/Photon/Relaxation Data Library–eprdata12

    Released: 2013-07-25

    The capabilities of the MCNP6 Monte Carlo code in simulation of electron transport, photon transport, and atomic relaxation have been significantly expanded. The enhancements include not only the extension to lower energies of existing data and methods, but also the introduction of new categories of data and methods. Support of these new capabilities has required major additions to and redesign of the associated data tables. This work is based on the introduction of most of the electron/photon/relaxation data from the eighth release of the sixth version of the Evaluated Nuclear Data File (5) (ENDF/B VI.8) into MCNP6, and the development of transport methods to make use of these data.

    There is data for elements hydrogen (Z=1) to Fermium (Z=100). All of the ZAIDS are elemental and so the A is 000 for every data table. For example, the ZA 1000 is for hydrogen, 26000 for iron, 92000 for uranium, and similarly for all other elements. All of the ZAIDS in the eprdata12 library use the .12p extension.

    This library has been superseded by the EPRDATA14 library. Please note that this data was not produced by the Nuclear Data Team at Los Alamos National Laboratory and therefore support for this library is limited.


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    EPRData12 can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • eprdata12.tgz (sha512 3f9905dab2aa56b5e6f7384a91b6a2a28dd1b4066eaebf373a62b3bb9ae2f5ef0efccf570af87880d0013671580deae6a90f076e3fc530601ebab676f35e6778)
    • (sha512 e39855622b08f3d6bb930c664b1020cef30add6dbfde654ea5c556f0ee8cedf81a459c3beb1805d6fba670c21d87acdee612f64caf294f4b2e014b965bce8a7c)

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