The 100XS Neutron Data Library

    Released: 1995-01-01

    The 100xs library contains 9 data files with each nuclide having an evaluation extending to 100 MeV. The 9 materials are 9Be, 12C, 16O, 27Al, Si, 40Ca, Fe, W, and 238U. Modifications were made to the original evaluations and resulting data files to make them more compatible with MCNP; however, a small patch is necessary for MCNP 4A for this library. These files have been given the ZAID ending of .21c. Heating numbers on this library are known to overestimate the energy deposition.


    1. "Summary Documentation for the 100XS Neutron Cross Section Library", Little, R.C, (1995), LA-UR-96-24


    100XS can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • (sha512 362c97f80249d090f7bbdc7ced5efd848c0563275db9935c24f1519f44f4bd4f29faee6c0aa5e6f759a35deecba9fb1a803b463395f63c67d5fd35ce41cd7b0f)
    • 100xs.tgz (sha512 7f8d1fcdf738b2a45a5078b31c74a8e59f097c36796706f67825f4f6f304dcb14f4a7442bc3da1dedf3ea3389b618399bb1fa50bf7bc317aa02ad9cb9d924715)

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