Information on Discrete Cross Sections

    Released: 1984-07-09

    Discrete neutron cross-section tables are equivalent to continuous-energy tables except that all cross sections have been averaged over 262 energy bins, creating a histogram structure for the cross sections. These are not multigroup data tables, as the secondary energy and angular distribution data remains completely continuous.

    Discrete libraries were a useful concept when computer memory and speed were significant issues. We maintain them primarily for backwards compatibility, and recommend against their use unless a specific reason for doing so can be provided.


    DRMCCS can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • drmccs.tgz (sha512 b6aff09b3155b84dcd25d021a723d79eea64ea2231dd5c3130c54ec1d4a4851430d0b54070ca1e1af10d33ee638f9915d65bfd755088c15d52957ee76f629271)
    • (sha512 f1012994ed9a9da6846cccddc9cf748d5427c230f03103f19f780851cce00f0d051867e852b57479d52cef542a31da250321d8d9664d47f4601461290a20a803)

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