ENDF6DN Delayed Neutron Library

    Released: 1994-07-22

    A new MCNP® data library has been created, appending ENDF/B-VI delayed neutron data to the existing ENDF60 data tables. The library seeks to more accurately represent the secondary neutrons produced from a fission event by incorporating the capability of calculating the probability of delayed neutrons and, if sampled, their energy and time of creation after the occurrence of a fission event. A new library, ENDF6DN, has now been constructed consisting of the 20 isotopes listed in Table 2 of LA-UR-00-1549 and are designated with the ZAID extension .61c.


    • "New Data Library for MCNP Delayed Neutron Capability," Werner, C., (1999), LA-UR-00-1549


    ENDF6DN can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • endf6dn.tgz (sha512 8b27bc7592b53683fb0fff6f65671aef83940b790f047a10f6a4b5913feac953904394afcc49de3122e58d49adc1d00fcfff07d203cd5e0d73102e1a354ae115)
    • (sha512 3ca4790109ea54d5ed30ef47e81c68ed1c3f50e254c31d3bf3b6d8123fb903e30c0bfd455eb18e74002b2c3137703aa34ca446e5e495a8d7e179afb8f49735cb)

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