RMCCS and RMCCSA Libraries

    Released: 1988-07-25

    RMCCS and RMCCSA are continuous-energy data libraries for use with MCNP. The data in these libraries are primarily based on END/B-V data evaluations with additions from LANL evaluations. Benchmark results using these data libraries for criticality calculations and others can be found in the documents below.


    1. Criticality Benchmark Results Using Various MCNP Data Libraries, LA-13627
    2. Spectral Measurements in Critical Assemblies: MCNP Specifications and Calculated Results, LA-13675, Document and Appendices
    3. R. Mosteller, S. Frankle, and P. Young, "Data Testing of ENDF/B-VI with MCNP: Critical Experiments, Thermal-reactor Lattices, and Time-of-Flight Measurements", Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology, Vol. 24, pg.131-195, (1997), LA-UR-96-2143
    4. MCNP ENDF/B-VI Validation: Infinite Media Comparisons of ENDF/B-VI and ENDF/B-V, LA-12887, and Errata
    5. Benchmark Analysis of MCNP ENDF/B-VI Iron, LA-12884
    6. Lawrence Livermore Pulsed Sphere Benchmark Analysis of MCNP ENDF/B-VI, LA-12885
    7. Photon Production Assessment for the MCNP Data Libraries, LA-13092


    RMCCS can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • rmccs.tgz (sha512 9d72e2a052c88427ffb967d67433fc0110d0d74429cb59013c28aae4af27c8c8a14ea226e3ad4cd944aec6a9f6fb547c551d72be9a348ffd88382dbf4c031e7a)
    • (sha512 4fbc2bda9e4cf384643332e8d3bf938f713683d9b6f2a59794f090574312a4cd7a17911996ae52e55e141302ddbb70e9ab80dcc9aebb00b4536906eb24909680)

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