The ENDF70PROT Library

    Released: 2006-07-22

    ENDF70PROT is a continuous-energy proton data library for use with MCNPX based on evaluated data from ENDF/B-VII.0. The library contains data for all 47 nuclides in this release.

    The ENDF70PROT library has at its core the 41 evaluations from the LA150H library. These evaluations migrated into the later ENDF/B-VI releases and were carried over to ENDF/B-VII.0. To these have been added 6 new evaluations based on R-matrix analysis of the light isotopes.


    1. "New ACE-Formatted Neutron and Proton Libraries Based on ENDF/B-VII.0," Trellue, H.R., Little, R.C., Lee, M.B., (2008) LA-UR-08-1999

    2. "ENDF70: A Continuous-Energy Neutron Data Library Based on ENDF/B-VII.0," Little, R.C., Trellue, H.R., MacFarlane, R.E., Kahler, A.C., Lee, M.B., White, M.C., (2008) LA-UR-08-2909


    ENDF70PROT can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • (sha512 f4eef226f4c00f053a334bf827e41a97de2d2565579b321fb4b4b1afe1c0058b740811b60f31d78323be5f82aff6d15b779158118f2d41b499402a0c4184b529)
    • endf70prot.tgz (sha512 5bd674e36387a1724beec517837c2dc699ba743ebc2ba3d174e0f469196c467c82ac2b69da22733c6bdd4f3eb4c700d28372873d6c18c6df8f35e103225dc61a)


    Date: 2022-05-23

    Name: Be-9 endf70prot

    Description: A replacement ACE file for protons onto Be9 has been produced which corrects a longstanding bug in the previous (2008) version. MCNP requires that the number of discrete gamma lines be constant throughout the data and older versions of NJOY did not adhere to this policy. NJOY was corrected years ago but a corrected ACE file has not yet been released (until now).

    • (sha512 d0bca73bfe8bc472321ed0b7830bd3ed8b2c0a28c4d8151c9a239356c722099275c56fc24f4113471d6ea4c90f5f7cf2be1d98dc329fba341714b2c424696ce8)
    • Be-9-ENDFprot.tgz (sha512 82461147a758ca97df06a95aa06bc64df355b2016f224fecac68827b1eb450a8bffe686b9b53c953939a3a81abca68de5d1fa9a2a7aff4c57af068b2b41ae417)

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