Information on the KIDMAN Library

    Released: 1989-07-25

    The KIDMAN library contains data for a number of fission-product nuclides at 300K. There are no photon production data available for nuclides on this library, and therefore the neutron heating numbers correspond to the total heating (neutron + photon). Total charged particle production MT's (MT=203-207) are available when appropriate.


    1. "Producing the Fission-Product-Isotope File KIDMAN," Seamon, R.E, (1989), LA-UR-21-27062


    KIDMAN can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • kidman.tgz (sha512 0093f011684004b2762e1f1a7795ba31e18e5bdadae07f42f92a20455eee4793401aefaad19113779afc6c09350b9c039cee626ba3e0f048b56df147a627b6ae)
    • (sha512 4100e1f3e1c0f92f33b1628baf4c7d968866961aca9d1e5e912b1bb6b31eaa55062b485551a0713e8c755f6321d9b50dc8325edbd9dc1502d2913d553895bf2c)

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