The Multigroup Library MGXSNP

    Released: 1987-07-25

    Currently, only one coupled neutron-photon multigroup library is supported by X-Division, MGXSNP. The library MGSXNP is comprised of 30-group neutron and 12-group photon data primarily based on ENDF/B-V for 95 nuclides. The MCNP-compatible multigroup data library was produced from the original Sn multigroup libraries MENDF5 and MENDF5G using the code CRSRD in April 1987. The original neutron data library, MENDF5, was produced using the "TD-Division Weight Function", also called "CLAW" by the processing code NJOY. This weight function is a combination of a Maxwellian thermal + 1/E + fission + fusion peak at 14.0 MeV. The data library contains no upscatter groups or self-shielding, and is most applicable for fast systems. All cross-sections are for room temperature, 300K. P0 through P4 scattering matrices from the original library were processed by CRSRD into angular distributions for MCNP using the Carter-Forest equi-probable bin treatment. When available, both total and prompt nubar data are provided. The edit reactions, as well as other information, are more fully described in the following PDF document: LA-UR-98-538.


    1. "Neutron and Photon Multigroup Data Tables for MCNP3B," Little, R.C, (1987) LA-UR-98-538


    MGXSNP can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • mgxnp.tgz (sha512 a94a787104e836e64cfa277d8ff9637c06c2782d8e042b6297fb335f6c95ea3be9c67b9c2f7941c7dfa79da6e119a169726f58b04a23916f7737fd602557c29d)
    • (sha512 b02b0e8fdf0d705246d289ca19a479e3429a41e33bb09f6c208c410c23dd8b7e7167d490fedf3d39f157f70904c52947cc05cb66e72e769a08a5a77efdad7174)

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