Information on Discrete Cross Sections

    Released: 1979-08-30

    Discrete neutron cross-section tables are equivalent to continuous-energy tables except that all cross sections have been averaged over 262 energy bins, creating a histogram structure for the cross sections. These are not multigroup data tables, as the secondary energy and angular distribution data remains completely continuous.

    Discrete libraries were a useful concept when computer memory and speed were significant issues. We maintain them primarily for backwards compatibility, and recommend against their use unless a specific reason for doing so can be provided.


    DRE5 can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • dre5.tgz (sha512 f8263772eb54441ac86df153c8a91026c5b01eacabb0809edf0dba00174b6876d56cb28490ad0a5c215eac2d3b070087a55d064ab383f7771080816dc8914ca6)
    • (sha512 29f8a4c67cdd847b4e9d3d1f8f8fe303230219759e8ffbc2626d3f01853430e7faa36fdeccfc10dbc8772cfd6a94b548502df38829d40a4833bc62a32a126cb3)

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