ENDF80SaB2 Thermal Scattering Data (S(α,β))

    Released: 2018-07-26

    The thermal scattering library based on ENDF/B-VIII.0 contains 34 materials. The material identifiers (for use on the MTn card in MCNP) are given in the table below. For those that have a room temperature evaluation, that data table has extension 40t. The full documentation for the ENDF80SaB2 library can be found in the docs directory after decompressing the download.

    al-27aluminum-27 metal
    be-beoberyllium in beryllium-oxide
    be-metberyllium metal
    c-siccarbon in silicon carbide
    d-d2odeuterium in heavy water
    fe-56iron-56 metal
    grph1010% porous graphite
    grph3030% porous graphite
    grphcrystalline graphite
    h-h2ohydrogen in light water
    h-icehydrogen in solid light water (ice)
    h-lucihydrogen in Lucite
    h-polyhydrogen in polyethylene
    h-yh2hydrogen in yttrium-hydride
    h-zrhhydrogen in zirconium-hydride
    lmethhydrogen in liquid methane
    n-unnitrogen in uranium-nitride
    o-beooxygen in beryllium-oxide
    o-d2ooxygen in heavy water
    o-iceoxygen in solid light water (ice)
    orthoDliquid ortho-deuterium
    orthoHliquid ortho-hydrogen
    o-uo2oxygen in uranium-dioxide
    paraDliquid para-deuterium
    paraHliquid para-hydrogen
    si-sicsilicon in silicon-carbide
    smethhydrogen in solid methane
    u-unuranium in uranium-nitride
    u-uo2uranium in uranium-dioxide
    y-yh2yttrium in yttrium-hydride
    zr-zrhzirconium in zirconium-hydride

    There was a typo in the header of the o-d2o files of this library from July to October 2020; The typos were fixed in late October 2020. If you downloaded the files in that time frame, we recommend that you download the library again and replace toe o-d2o files with the newly downloaded ones.

    Alternatively, you can manually edit the files yourself. The ZAID is the very first string on the very first line of each file. In the ENDF80SaB2 directory

    • Change file o-d2o.40t from ZAID o-d2o.80t to o-d2o.40t
    • Change file o-d2o.41t from ZAID o-d2o.81t to o-d2o.41t
    • Change file o-d2o.42t from ZAID o-d2o.82t to o-d2o.42t
    • Change file o-d2o.43t from ZAID o-d2o.83t to o-d2o.43t
    • Change file o-d2o.44t from ZAID o-d2o.84t to o-d2o.44t
    • Change file o-d2o.45t from ZAID o-d2o.85t to o-d2o.45t
    • Change file o-d2o.46t from ZAID o-d2o.86t to o-d2o.46t
    • Change file o-d2o.47t from ZAID o-d2o.87t to o-d2o.47t
    • Change file o-d2o.48t from ZAID o-d2o.88t to o-d2o.48t

    Updated Thermal Scattering Library

    The Nuclear Data Team originally released a thermal scattering library based on ENDF/B-VIII.0 in Spring of 2018. We received a few comments that some things were not processed correctly. We have spent a lot of time identifying the issues and have released an updated and fixed library. The library that is now available for download is the updated library. For more information regarding the updated please see the documentation available as part of the download or see the technical report LA-UR-20-24456 for the documentation by itself.


    • "Re-Release of the ENDF/B VIII.0 S(α,β) Data Processed by NJOY2016," Parsons, D.K., Toccoli, C.A., (2020), LA-UR-20-24456


    ENDF80SaB2 can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • endf80sab2.tgz (sha512 579d39e2dc7f7f3e0731796aead820241597d073569ea9e10d963ea835e466ab8fedfd282686941038a72c0d72b2e0c4e4261828313aefb9ed45cabecdd87878)
    • (sha512 4544b182de7fedf814fdf0e10f6a18c6d729df150e663bc960654ea38565ee9b62d6aede8d68fa9eba742c61806dfcbd41043993b6326a604d5e2a26e20dc8bf)

    If further information is required contact a member of the Data Team by e-mail at