Lib80x—Library based on ENDF/B-VIII.0

    Released: 2018-06-29

    This library is based on ENDF/B-VIII.0. It contains ACE files for continuous-energy incident neutrons. These have been processed at the following temperatures (with their respective ZAID extensions).

    • .00c — 293.6 Kelvin (Room Temperature)
    • .01c — 600 Kelvin
    • .02c — 900 Kelvin
    • .03c — 1200 Kelvin
    • .04c — 2500 Kelvin
    • .05c — 0.1 Kelvin
    • .06c — 250 Kelvin

    The full documentation for the Lib80x library can be found in the docs directory after decompressing the download.


    1. "Release of ENDF/B-VIII.0-Based ACE Data Files," Conlin, J.L., Haeck, W., Neudecker, D., Parsons, D.K., White, M.C., (2018) LA-UR-18-24034

    Some additional information which may be of use for MCNP Users

    1. F.B. Brown, M.E. Rising "Guide for Using ENDF/B-VIII.0 Nuclear Data with MCNP", LA-UR-20-30460 (2020).

    2. xsdir file, with ENDF/B-VIII.0 defaults: xsdir_mcnp6.2_endf80,71.txt (download, then remove .txt extension)

    3. xsdir file, with ENDF/B-VII.1 defaults: xsdir_mcnp6.2_endf71,80.txt (download, then remove .txt extension)


    Lib80x can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • (sha512 801b9e5389ad75915cf6135d365f6684984c2aa0e990b74c40db29c5bd806daa417ee968ed71cbf6987bcbd86895ca800788f8487004f862511df6b3be456f0b)
    • lib80x.tgz (sha512 afa143e834eff02d8f535357dc2c3698e7565777849f5b8cfe225584541678acc702e41395706cb3e5e0d7a70e3fc25bf3f4428cad818062dbe0f36186b39d95)


    Date: 2022-07-06

    Name: B-10 Lib80x

    Description: After the release of ENDF/B-VIII.0 in February 2018, errors were discovered in the neutron on B-10 evaluation. A fix was provided for the errata; this update uses the fixed B-10 evaluation. For more information on the updated/fixed evaluation, please see:

    • (sha512 7f2ba223bf1559dcf64201b2f9778b47ff83ad95325a6586d71a94739f785dcaa39f08ea2d675ddc2233d40ae5beb50d331022682489b89d260cba519b4ff5e2)
    • B-10-Lib80x.tgz (sha512 d303dc2c4d213da690e6b14c6b29b9ef1716cafe137aad8c28e7e7578aeb8162f4ca824386ada8d4ab6f2a8de25b856790300f21fd55c9fe35a39734d51b9d3d)

    If further information is required contact a member of the Data Team by e-mail at