The ENDF70SAB Library

    Released: 2006-12-31

    ENDF70SAB is a discrete energy and angle thermal scattering data library based on evaluated data from ENDF/B-VII.0. The library contains data for 20 materials at various temperatures (as given on the evaluation) for a total of 110 tables. Data are included for Al27, benz (H1, C, C12 in benzene), Be (Be9), be/o (Be9 in BeO), o/be (O16, O17, O18 in BeO), lwtr (H1 in H20), hwtr (H2 in D20), grph (C, C12 in graphite), Fe56, poly (H1 in polyethelene), h/zr (H1 in ZrH), zr/h (Zr, Zr90, Zr91, Zr92, Zr93, Zr94, Zr95, Zr96 in ZrH), u/o2 (U238 in UO2), o2/u (O16, O17, O18 in UO2), lmeth (H1 in liquid methane), smeth (H1 in solid methane), hpara (H1 in parahydrogen), dpara (H2 in parahydrogen), hortho (H1 in orthohydrogen), and dortho (H2 in orthohydrogen). Some of these were released in between ENDF/B-VI and ENDF/B-VII as part of the SAB2002 library as described on the S(alpha,beta) page.


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    ENDF70SaB can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • (sha512 39987edb1269cd6d00c4ed8bb6580103391fe1b90ee4247c315c31d9ab76aedb40908e7c2a12b32982950f1012f538221789c0688f34fe541a7440f7fe6a1c9c)
    • endf70sab.tgz (sha512 61b5e69bd3209a538095bbddb712f6b257591ddb0d2eaf830e341c7f0cf69450ac277abed537b14ac92169b7109b936e070337d587971727349bfecece610670)

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