The ENDF5P Library

    Released: 1979-01-01

    The ENDF5P library contains 76 evaluations from ENDF/B-V for which both full (extension .50c) and thinned (extension .51c) cross section sets were developed.


    1. "Lengths of Full and Thinned ENDF/B-V Cross-Section Sets," Seamon, R.E., (1991) LA-UR-21-27723


    ENDF5P can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • (sha512 488407e0e1c5fa0f1dfb4e2d7a7d22f4665172636bd64b6a8e1634c6956593b42fd1a624c5a9f958f6a4d73e72cb73ceb61b4c3b04d1fc71219ca7fc1308ea46)
    • endf5p.tgz (sha512 cc1177545a117d3ba95aa9ba5fc345013f70406d1d5c1fa0b3427753579ee33bb17a16dbed43c5aae273f5936e0ed969f4ce3993c26c65e76d0ca1d1e5fe3137)

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