Information on the Electron Data Libraries

    Released: 2000-07-20

    Currently there are two electron data libraries: EL and EL03. MCNP Version 4C or later is required to use the newest electron data library EL03. The library EL03 is further described in LA-UR-00-3581.

    Note that all electron Data for a given material must come from the same library, i.e. either EL or EL03.


    1. "Electron Upgrade for MCNP4B", Adams, K.J, (2000) LA-UR-00-3581


    EL can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • el.tgz (sha512 93fceb2f0b3695570cc753727d639ccf8c86ae8415c04422fbf13e3bf7659f8a8121211c1331fbd5eaf0aed63e082c243f9cf7a5c1c9267b95035802d685fdcc)
    • (sha512 09c92cef73df781b320976feac6b63c8033be2b3ad8a4c75f560488f01cde5becd1fb887c503e95d64b6f5cc00549dd516f984c7f603d9403dcb9d16e452135a)

    If further information is required contact a member of the Data Team by e-mail at