The ENDF5MT Library

    Released: 1987-01-01

    The ENDF5MT Library is a multi-temperature ACE library developed from the EDNF/B-V data libraries. Neutron cross sections for several isotopes from ENDF/B-V have been Doppler broadened to reactor temperatures and processed into a format appropriate for the MCNP® Monte Carlo code. Cross sections for 1H, 10B, 16O, Zr, 135Xe, 235U, and 238U have been made available at 600 K, and cross sections for 16O, Zr, 135Xe, 235U, and 238U have been made at 900 K.


    1. "High-Temperature MCNP Cross Sections," Little, R.C., (1987) LA-UR-21-27762
    2. "More Type 1 Cross-Section Files," Seamon, R.E., (1994) LA-UR-21-27724


    ENDF5MT can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • (sha512 39a2d5050c3beded3cd11581c9d9821da7f83cb902955664b37e426af4784b16305560e464a0e3eabbeb6f5f8f63be98b71afebf8fef9f1706ea13207be69b66)
    • endf5mt.tgz (sha512 fd65af40c20db1d0b632bf680ea10c5dd3bce06ba3984ed51c27fb57653c7df6314a0a51e6384e7d49a193789f5da626aa291b4d93b198d4a411a470bb3684b6)

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