MCNP Photoatomic Data Libraries - MCPLIB02

    Released: 1993-07-25

    There are four photon transport libraries maintained by XCP-5 and distributed with MCNP®: MCPLIB, MCPLIB02, MCPLIB03 and MCPLIB04.

    MCPLIB02 [1] was officially released in 1993 and was created as an extension to MCPLIB. The form factor and fluorescence data on MCPLIB and MCPLIB02 are identical. The cross section data below 10 MeV are also identical. From the maximum energy on the original MCPLIB table up to 100 GeV, the cross section data are derived from EPDL89 [2]. Between 10 MeV and the highest energy of the MCPLIB data, the data are smoothly transitioned. MCPLIB02 does not contain momentum profile (CDBD) data.


    1. H. G. Hughes, “Information on the Photon Library MCPLIB02 ,” (1996), LANL internal memorandum, X-6:HGH-93-77 and LA-UR-98-539

    2. D. E. Cullen, M. H. Chen, J. H. Hubbell, S. T. Perkins, E. F. Plechaty, J. A. Rathkopf, and J. H. Scofield, "Tables And Graphs Of Photon Interaction Cross Sections From 10 eV To 100 GeV Derived From The LLNL Evaluated Photon Data Library (EPDL)," UCRL-50400, Volume 6, Rev. 4, Part A: Z = 1 to 50 and Part B: Z = 51 to 100, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (1989).


    MCPLIB02 can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • mcplib02.tgz (sha512 b0b7c551c8b1a0b7cb18419bab38a20391250c966d518bb8f1b3aa8c6623a7ddeb3f0600011057cbb6dba6f9d9fa21b43e83ee6c33581aaef141e0d844a4491e)
    • (sha512 9206c71d6aa1494e727ed64872a2be3c299dfd2cb1cc9a0856e7ea0bdbe6148a319cdbc576f07290d85cfe227d539955a1e2885298f26459201410a183713961)

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