The ENDF5U Library

    Released: 1987-01-01

    The ENDF5U library is a ACE library developed from the ENDF/B-V nuclear data library for use in MCNP®. These libraries can be used in tandem with the ENDL85 libraries for a more complete listing of the ENDF/B-V nuclear data.


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    2. "ENDF/B-V Sm-149 Cross Sections for MCNP," Little, R.C., (1985) LA-UR-21-27048
    3. "Y-89 Cross Sections for MCNP," Little, R.C., (1985) LA-UR-21-27085
    4. "Modified ENDF/B-V Y-89 Cross Sections for MCNP," Little, R.C., (1985) LA-UR-21-27054


    ENDF5U can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • (sha512 18a1ccb034d6d9f043511f5e130f8bce53f7d7013d412c3c199f942062075c9a2b2b3887b42209446aa2bd9c6fb05c90dd93bab0deaec2e44ba8a652395e5590)
    • endf5u.tgz (sha512 f55c6aef6d71bf31bb415d6e1b4eeee3841ef8759214d554a8bc85c1abcd3989495fa92a5a10e05a8b80e62826eb0e55dfa322cfaa60f14b0cf959aa84a166e7)

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