Information on the Electron Data Libraries

    Released: 2000-07-20

    Currently there are two electron data libraries: EL and EL03. MCNP Version 4C or later is required to use the newest electron data library EL03. The library EL03 is further described in LA-UR-00-3581.

    Note that all electron Data for a given material must come from the same library, i.e. either EL or EL03.


    1. "Electron Upgrade for MCNP4B", Adams, K.J, (2000) LA-UR-00-3581


    EL03 can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • el03.tgz (sha512 ed9446eec67ded0e553948f7da25d1be30a388a6c096ae46a7db56aabe3e3ed64986624c00d550564489448318133d8f7701bfb34bf61f07dbeb82beaee33554)
    • el03.tgz (sha512 74589e10ab1eebfc7e1c5d915d5f25cb82b1100a5853a41c7767e4cec30e1fbdeab8f40ab5f3a71a81f07c98613809c06c936d2e6df2a12f7fb4dae97f8397fd)

    If further information is required contact a member of the Data Team by e-mail at