CP2011 ACE Format Charged Particle Transport Library

    Released: 2011-12-31

    Twenty-five ACE tables for MCNP6 are given for the various combinations of incident protons, deuterons, tritons, helions (He-3), and alphas onto targets of protons, deuterons, tritons, helions, alphas, 6Li and 7Li. The usual convention has been followed that the lighter charged particle is defined to be the incident particle and the heavier is defined to be the target.

    Incident ParticleZAID (xxxxx.AAA)Target ParticleZAID (
    Proton (h)xxxxx.71hProton (h)
    Deuteron (d)xxxxx.70oDeuteron (d)
    Triton (t)xxxxx.70rTriton (t)
    Helion (s)xxxxx.70sHelion (s)
    Alpha (a)xxxxx.70aAlpha (a)


    1. "The Los Alamos CP2011 ACE Format Charged Particle Transport Library for MCNP6", Parsons, D.K, White, M.C, (2014), LA-UR-14-23361


    CP2011 can be downloaded either as a zip file or as a compressed tarball

    • cp2011.tgz (sha512 e7a895850ae9ce021ea8c668143a26cdb6edb8d3b14e58abdb82ca2554d86585d1c081c565c04da219fcfffa88e124d33f5bebb180aa67ecde69964d31280e02)
    • (sha512 023466e1a082c08105129d177fbd8818edb937c9a07185dedac873cfe4a7ec488975e68fcb99940aff1441c591fabb4949f5861e106a8b6935426e12eeb86854)

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